make every thought count

Dynamic Notes


Based on your needs a card can become a simple note, a todo list, file attachment or a web bookmark.

The type of information we capture are dynamic and so are these cards.

Smart actions on a note


On a card you can perform multiple actions, like adding it to favourites, archiving, setting a reminder, adding collaborators or getting a public shared link.

Realtime collaboration on a note


Create and edit notes in realtime with your friends and co-workers.
This works across all devices.

Organise notes


As work on a particular idea grows the cards associated to it can be quickly bunched together to form a notebook.

When working on a project that needs it's own area then a Space can be made. Think of it like a folder to keep all your notes and notebooks on a particular project together.

cobeats webclipper


Select and save any part of webpage



Powerful editor

Edit your notes, tasks and even web clips using our editor which has host of formatting options. Notes are autosaved and there is always an Undo option.


Our webclipper lets you save rich text, images, videos, maps, links, gifs and what not. Try it now

Edit together

Share your note with your friend and edit together in realtime. Cursor and content are synced automatically.

Expand on your ideas

Drag and drop notes or add a new note to a previous note to create a notebook. Build on your ideas while keeping much needed seperation.

#tag and @mention support

Sort your notes using #tag or bring people's attention to your thought by mentioning them using @

Gorgeous themes

Beautiful typography, adequate whitespace and fresh colors make each of these themes unique for you write and read comfortably.


People centric inbox

All the notes ever shared with you are in your inbox organized by people. Ever wondered why our emails are not like that!

Space for ideas

Create a Space, add a bunch of people and start adding and editing notes together. Spaces are highly productive for projects or team work.

Sectional comments

Start a conversation on any section of a note or task of Todo list. Make your thoughts clear by highlighting or have fun with emojis.

Public Notes

Public notes are a way to publish your notes and notebooks for all to read, share and comment.

Follow people

Anyone can follow you and receive updates whenever you share a new idea.

Fork notes

Copy other's public notes to your cobeats account and start building on it.


Service Integrations

cobeats is integrated with services that you already use. All your notes, tasks and files can be taken or saved from Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox, Drive, Google Tasks and more.

Privacy first

We have integrated 128 bit SSL encryption to make your notes secure. Sleep sound, your ideas are safe with us. We do not show ads nor read your notes.

It's your data

All or some of your notes can be exported anytime to a format that you understand. We currently support exporting in PDF, DOCX and HTML format.

We let you know

We notify you in realtime when something happens. We email you only when something is really important.

Intensive, yet minimal activity

Activity page tells you every minute thing that has happened when you were not there.

Robust search

The search function in cobeats allows you to quickly search your notes, notebooks and spaces, instantly.